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Live Booking.

With his hour-long immersive sets being described as "cinematic" and "epic" Stillhead brings his original productions to a live setting.

Weaving together his own brand of meticulous production, he takes audiences on a fascinating journey, inviting them to stand, sit or even lie down.

Having performed his music to clubs as well as theatres, Alex is most at home with an audience keen to listen and let themselves be taken by the audio. There is a time and a place for dancing and going wild, but his performances also bring equal time for relaxation, reflection and widescreen immersion.


DJ Booking

With a style perhaps best described as "deep, but danceable" Stillhead's DJ sets encompass many genres ranging from house, dub-techno and dubby electronica, to bass music, future-garage, deep dubstep, footwork and forward-thinking drum & bass.

In 2 hours he can go from slow, moody house all the way through to half-step drum & bass and beyond.

Left to his own devices, Stillhead will take things in a dubby direction and play to those who appreciate something a little different as opposed to those who just want to fist-pump and rage hard. His track selection is often seen as mixed and varied, but with conisistent themes and styles throughout.

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Previous Live Performance locations


Previous DJ Locations.

London, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness.

Copenhagen, Brussels, Feltre, Tallinn, Riga, Salacgrīva, Vilnius, Prague, Warsaw, Poznan, Szczecin.

New York NY, Boston MA, Burlington VT, New Haven CT, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Baltimore VA, Orland FL, San Francisco CA, Portland WA, San Juan & Isabela (Puerto Rico)

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