Hello, I'm Stillhead.

I produce deep electronic music. I work across multiple genres, from ambient and dub-techno to post-dubstep and drum & bass.

My tunes have been described as both cinematic and atmospheric.

Latest: Kharm & Akuratyde - Artifacts (Stillhead Remix)
and Stillhead - Explorer [Moonshine Recordings].

Latest Deepness podcast: August 2023


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You can hear most of my music on Spotify

I’ve split it into handy genre based playlists. You can also check The full catalogue. or an introduction to Stillhead playlist.

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You can buy my music on Bandcamp

Just about all my music is available for purchase there.

I post exclusives and downloads on Patreon

I post my new tunes and other things for my Patreon supporters first.

My mixes and live streams get posted on Mixcloud

Mixes, podcasts, Twitch stream recordings and more.

Some tunes, remixes and previews get posted on Soundcloud

Usually bootlegs, mashups and pre-release clip mixes for new tunes.

Here are the projects I’m currently running

Make sure to check them all for the full picture.

  • Deepness Podcast

    Deepness Podcast

    Occasional (mostly monthly), highly-curated mixes showcasing the deeper end of the electronic spectrum. For those who value music discovery.

  • North Of The Border

    North Of The Border

    A podcast to showcase Scottish electronic music. On a haitus, but maybe returning when I have time.

  • How To Self Release

    How To Self Release

    How to release your own music, start a label or get your tunes out there. A blog and set of courses and resources.

  • Twitch Streams

    Twitch Streams

    Live music streams with insane visuals, plus production sessions as well as demo/pre-release listens. Come and join in the chat!

Here are all my social media pages

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  • Mixcloud

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  • Soundcloud

    Plenty audio to listen to, plus remixes and clips of releases.

  • Youtube

    I’m not great at keeping this one up to date, but I try to keep track by adding stuff to playlists.

  • Discogs

    I keep an eye on this but you’re best to use the discography page here for my full discography.

  • Instagram

    I’m not posting as much as you might expect, but I do try and keep it up to date.

  • Patreon

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  • Bandcamp

    Probably one of the best places to support my music if you want to buy it.

And another thing...

Because there's always more.

alex [at] stillhead [dot] com